Team standings as of Hour Fifty Four:


In 337th place with    0 points is EMMA WATSON IS LOVELY, BUT OVERRATED





In 336th place with    20 points is GUIDO, WIENER, WIENER, WIENER

In 335th place with    105 points is SPY

In 334th place with    120 points is DOMINIC SCHIF’S OVERACTIVE BLADDER

In 333rd place with    135 points is BRENDEN IN MKE: SURF’S UP ON DOWNER

In 332nd place with   145 points is BRING BACK WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL

In 331st place with    190 points is ROCKY’S TOWN 25 GANDY DANCERS

In 330th place with    230 points is RINA IS OK

In 329th place with    260 points is WHELIHAN GLASS

In 328th place with    335 points is TRIVIA 5-0, HANGIN TEN…IN MY PANTS!

In 327th place with    380 points is CHANNEL ONE

In 326th place with    400 points is RICKY D’S HOUSE OF HORMOANS

In 325th place with    445 points is ASK ME SOMETHING I KNOW

In 324th place with    495 points is BRETT FAVRE’S CONCUSSIONS

In 323rd place with    510 points is CECI’S FUNHOUSE

In 322nd place with   585 points is 5 CATS AND A DOG

In 321st place with    590 points is CAFFEINATION STATION

In 320th place with    620 points is HOMELESS IKE; WILL NAIR FOR FOOD

In 318th place with    675 points is BEARS BEETS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA


In 317th place with    710 points is MI-MI & YA-YA JUST WANNA HAVE FUN

In 316th place with    750 points is LIGHTNING FAST VCR REPAIR

In 315th place with    760 points is COMMITTEE TO PUNCH OLIVA IN THE FACE

In 314th place with    770 points is GAME OF THRONES: THE SCHLITZ BEGINS

In 312th place with    800 points is FIVE TWENTY THREE SEVENTY ALMOST 50


In 311th place with    840 points is THE CLAN 2148

In 310th place with    985 points is IMPERFECT IS BEAUTY, MADNESS IS JINUS

In 309th place with    990 points is FOUR CATS AND THEIR HUMANS

In 308th place with    1010 points is VELCRO: WHAT A RIP OFF! THANKS KEAGAN!

In 307th place with    1070 points is OZ MUMBLES HIS SAFE WORD

In 306th place with    1075 points is 50 BOTTLES OF FIGS N’ PEZ ON THE WALL

In 305th place with    1140 points is DALLAS AND THE CLUMPS

In 304th place with    1150 points is DELTA BEER LAB @ TWO HARPS PUB

In 303rd place with    1180 points is CREAMWOLF

In 302nd place with   1195 points is SUPER DOLPHINS

In 301st place with    1210 points is YOU CAN’T BEAT WAGNER’S MEAT

In 300th place with    1230 points is SURFUN’ WACKY WEIRDOS ON PRENTICE

In 299th place with    1235 points is PARTNERSHIP FOR A FREE DRUG AMERICA

In 298th place with    1255 points is TWIGLESS PORK DOLPHINS OF DEATH

In 297th place with    1270 points is BOOK ‘EM, LONGPIGS

In 296th place with    1430 points is THE MAJESTIC CHICKENS

In 295th place with    1475 points is THE BUJWAZEE

In 294th place with    1520 points is WE’RE ON KOCH NOT COKE

In 293rd place with    1575 points is RED SOLO CUP

In 292nd place with   1585 points is CHICKEN DUCK WOMAN THING STOP IT NOW

In 291st place with    1605 points is CLOSE-ENUF CONSTRUCTION CO. LLC

In 290th place with    1690 points is USELESS INFORMATION

In 289th place with    1710 points is TIMBERWOLF PAW PATROL @NTC

In 288th place with    1715 points is WE’VE ALL GAMBLED ON A FART AND LOST

In 287th place with    1740 points is CANADIAN MULLET MAVERICKS: SURF’S UP

In 286th place with    1785 points is CHEESELESS WONDERS

In 285th place with    1860 points is MENACE TO SOBRIETY

In 284th place with    1880 points is MOONBEEZ: OZ IS REALLY MY CAT…

In 282nd place with   1900 points is CHI CHI RODRIGUEZ ENERGY BANDS


In 281st place with    1905 points is WELL.. WE STILL DON’T HAVE A NAME

In 280th place with    1955 points is GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: THE FULL BULLPEN

In 279th place with    1960 points is 5-0 35 YEARS OF TRIVIA COMEBACKS

In 278th place with    2020 points is MEADOW ST. MUSHROOMS: EAT OUR STOOLS

In 277th place with    2065 points is CBF 23: CACOPHONOUS COLLUSION CADRE

In 276th place with    2085 points is NAPOLEON BLANKET

In 275th place with    2095 points is PLANET OF FIRE

In 274th place with    2105 points is WE’RE HALF MAST A MONKEY’S PASS

In 272nd place with   2140 points is DANCIN’ DAVE DEAD-BEATS


In 271st place with    2150 points is THE COW FART CRISIS CENTER

In 270th place with    2160 points is STEPHEN HAWKING’S SCHOOL OF DANCE

In 269th place with    2220 points is BROTHER LOVE’S TRAVELING TRIVIA SHOW

In 268th place with    2295 points is DEPT OF DEFENSK-SHAKA-NO BRIEFS, NO BRAS

In 267th place with    2435 points is TIE-DYE TURTLES

In 266th place with    2450 points is TW: 50 YEARS OF UNANSWERED QUESTIONS

In 265th place with    2510 points is SAMMON

In 264th place with    2590 points is GRAB YOUR BALL! WE’RE GOING BOWLING

In 263rd place with    2640 points is THE TUNE SQUAD

In 262nd place with   2670 points is CAMP RAZVI

In 261st place with    2680 points is LINWOOD FLOODWATCHERS

In 260th place with    2745 points is WISCONNIE: HOME OF THE PEEBERS

In 259th place with    2755 points is TRIVIA MISFITS: THE LAND SURFERS!

In 258th place with    2815 points is DIFFERENT LAKE, SAME FLAKES

In 257th place with    2835 points is FROSTED FLAKES AND TOASTY O’S

In 256th place with    2940 points is KOREAN POWER HOUR

In 255th place with    2955 points is DRUNKEN PIGS: BOOK ‘EM DANO!

In 254th place with    3065 points is 2001 FLUSHES

In 253rd place with    3105 points is HAMM’S…YEEHAW!

In 252nd place with   3230 points is STRANDED WITHOUT A ROLL

In 251st place with    3305 points is “A” “U” GUYS

In 250th place with    3310 points is 4 FARTING BOSTONS ON PRENTICE STREET

In 249th place with    3440 points is BLUE BULLITZ

In 248th place with    3515 points is WE ARE THE FIRLUTSKIS: WE WILL ROCK U

In 247th place with    3575 points is WORLD’S LAMEST TRIVIA CONTESTANTS

In 246th place with    3710 points is CONNERSTRONG-THIS ONE’S FOR YOU BOB

In 245th place with    3830 points is JUST HERE TO GET DRUNK & PARTY

In 244th place with    3850 points is COLTLEBEETCH AND BAWARTZ

In 243rd place with    3855 points is TWO PEAS IN TWO PODS

In 242nd place with   3960 points is THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR THINKING

In 240th place with    3990 points is ANONYMOUS ALCOHOLICS


In 239th place with    4015 points is TEAM OUIJA: ASKETH THE BOARD

In 238th place with    4040 points is FISHIN’ FOR BIRDS

In 237th place with    4050 points is FEOS THE BIG 5-0

In 236th place with    4060 points is COKE HOUR AT THE TOP OF THE HILL

In 235th place with    4120 points is A TEAM HAS NO NAME

In 233rd place with    4135 points is ALL IN THE FAMILY!


In 232nd place with   4180 points is WE KNOW JACK A REAL CUSTER FLOCK

In 231st place with    4325 points is THE EDDIE & COOPER SHOW

In 230th place with    4325 points is PATTI’S STINKY POSSE: 5-OH, MY GOD!

In 229th place with    4410 points is WHO INVITED ELSA TO TRIVIA AGAIN?

In 228th place with    4715 points is FLO’S BOYS

In 227th place with    4765 points is ARMADILLO APPRECIATION SOCIETY

In 226th place with    4775 points is RELATIVES: LORD HELP US!

In 225th place with    4800 points is WHAT IS A BOOTHBOSS

In 224th place with    4930 points is DESPICABLE MINIONS

In 223rd place with    4995 points is REVENGE OF THE STITCH

In 222nd place with   5030 points is UWSP ZOMBIES: RISE OF THE HUMANITIES

In 221st place with    5135 points is DANGER LANE

In 220th place with    5160 points is #MARKISOLD BLUE HAWAII

In 219th place with    5165 points is UPPER LEFT PEEBERS

In 218th place with    5275 points is PULLING ANSWERS FROM OUR OZ

In 217th place with    5290 points is GO ASK GREG

In 215th place with    5405 points is TEAM MASSFITS


In 213th place with    5425 points is BOOK ‘EM, DANO FOR 5-0 AND THE RHTB!


In 212th place with    5440 points is I LIKE GOAT

In 211th place with    5475 points is DENIM DEMONZ: BACK 420 BLOOD 69 SOWWY!

In 210th place with    5500 points is CHRONICALLY MAD COW BIRKEBEINERS

In 209th place with    5625 points is HAKUNA MATATA

In 208th place with    5635 points is PERIODIC TABLE DANCERS

In 207th place with    5640 points is CONFUSION AND DELAY

In 206th place with    5695 points is BUBBA GRUMP AND HIS TESTY TENTACLES

In 205th place with    5745 points is GENSKOW BEEF: YOU CAN’T BEAR OUR MEAT

In 204th place with    5805 points is YOUZE GUYZ TWO-OHH

In 203rd place with    5830 points is SCREAMING CARROTS

In 202nd place with   5850 points is GO GET UNDERWEAR. YOU NEED TO SHOWER

In 201st place with    5870 points is CALL 5-0! RENEGADE 5 ON THE RUN!

In 200th place with    5890 points is THE BARNE’S DOOR’S OPEN

In 199th place with    5970 points is MIXED NUTZ: FROM MAIN ST, TO NOWHERE

In 198th place with    5995 points is COUCH POTATOES

In 197th place with    6200 points is UNCLE CUCKLEBURR’S POSSUM CARVERS

In 196th place with    6255 points is MT. TOM BASE CAMP DWELLERS

In 195th place with    6375 points is JACOB’S HORSEMEN KNEW’ER

In 194th place with    6390 points is CLIFF THE FOOSTER BANKS @UW CREDIT UNION

In 193rd place with    6500 points is YOMOMMASEZ: THE 5-0

In 192nd place with   6525 points is JAKOB AND OWEN’S PRIMETIMERS

In 191st place with    6540 points is ADAM SMITH’S INVISIBLE HANDJOB

In 190th place with    6580 points is KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS WITH THE DOUBLE GS

In 189th place with    6595 points is IF A NEWT WOULD TWERK! NEWT, WERK!

In 188th place with    6750 points is ORIGINAL RECIPE: PFC

In 186th place with    6765 points is AMORPHOUS PHROGZ


In 185th place with    6780 points is THIS GROSS THING IS GETTING BIGGER

In 184th place with    6790 points is WE GOT THE FUNK & NO WAGNALLS

In 183rd place with    6795 points is CHESTERS FESTERS…LOOK OUT MAN! 5-0

In 181st place with    6870 points is CHARCUTERIE SLAYING SPECIALIST UNION


In 180th place with    6995 points is BENDOVER IRENE: 50 POKES, 50 STROKES

In 179th place with    7050 points is CLEARLY CLUELESS

In 178th place with    7060 points is EINSTEIN’S ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN

In 177th place with    7080 points is THE PIRATES WHO DON’T DO ANYTHING

In 176th place with    7085 points is JOHN DOE

In 175th place with    7135 points is PAGING MR. HERMAN

In 173rd place with    7175 points is BABY BOOMERS & BOOMERS BABIES: YR 23


In 172nd place with   7180 points is WHERE THE HELL IS ADAM?

In 171st place with    7190 points is MANAH, MANAH, MANAGERIE

In 170th place with    7230 points is MADGA: MAKING AMERICA DRINK GROLSCH AGAIN

In 169th place with    7250 points is BARBIE SHARK AND THE FUZZY LOLLIPOPS

In 168th place with    7285 points is SAVE BIG MONEY IN THE NARDS

In 167th place with    7355 points is SECOND WIND CREW

In 166th place with    7365 points is WHO’S ON FIRST

In 165th place with    7385 points is HIPPIE TOWN REJECTS

In 164th place with    7415 points is SURVIVING J OLIVA

In 163rd place with    7420 points is JCT JERKWATERS: DA SHIDDERS FULL!!!

In 162nd place with   7425 points is ENDORA 5-0: BOOK ‘EM, DANNY

In 161st place with    7435 points is COWABUNGA! P-NUTS ARE MYSTIFIED, DUDE

In 160th place with    7445 points is TRIVIASYNTHESIS

In 159th place with    7520 points is ‘S NOT YOUR NORMAL BLONOS

In 158th place with    7550 points is LET YOUR BULA DO THE HULA

In 157th place with    7565 points is PHONES DOWN IN THE BACK

In 156th place with    7635 points is OJ’S: TRIVIAL SINCE 1977

In 155th place with    7710 points is TEAM LEGEND: KRIS ROBIN LOST HIS POOH

In 154th place with    7740 points is DRIVING MISS DOTTIE

In 153rd place with    7755 points is THE ESTABLISHMENT GETS LEI’D

In 152nd place with   7785 points is THEORY OF RELATIVITY

In 151st place with    7805 points is PERINEAL FALLOUT: E HOLO ANA KA NALU

In 150th place with    7845 points is HOLD STILL, I’M TRYING TO BE FRIENDLY

In 148th place with    7900 points is LIFE SIMULATED: SURFING BINARY WAVES


In 147th place with    7915 points is THE 4 BALLS AT UW ARNOTT

In 146th place with    8110 points is TRIAL AND ERROR

In 145th place with    8175 points is WHAT’S IT TO YAH!

In 143rd place with    8205 points is IQ UNKNOWN


In 142nd place with   8300 points is BEER ME, DANNO

In 141st place with    8310 points is TEAM THICKO

In 140th place with    8320 points is BERSERKER

In 139th place with    8335 points is TGI: JORDAN B PETERSONS LOBZTER FETISH

In 138th place with    8345 points is MINIONS OF CHAOS

In 137th place with    8360 points is CANCER-KISS THIS FRENCH STYLE!

In 136th place with    8390 points is SK18: SURFS UP LITTLE CHEESEBALL DUDE

In 135th place with    8405 points is SERVANTS OF THE BEER GOD

In 134th place with    8430 points is NASONVILLE NITPICKERS 28: OKAY THEN

In 133rd place with    8480 points is DONKEYS ABLAZE: BOHEMIAN DONKEY

In 132nd place with   8645 points is BAD SHEPHERD AND THE MISSING FLOCK

In 131st place with    8655 points is CB19: SWIMMING IN RAW SEWAGE

In 130th place with    8680 points is AMHERST WHALE WATCH

In 129th place with    8720 points is THE LOSERS: HOSPITAL TOUR 2018-2019

In 127th place with    8735 points is I GAVE UP A ROLE IN RAIDERS FOR THIS?


In 126th place with    8790 points is HAVING STRANGE VOWEL MOVEMENTS

In 125th place with    8875 points is MHD: LIKE A PICKLE AMONGST PANSIES

In 124th place with    8995 points is TIB 5-0: WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT

In 123rd place with    9040 points is TRIVIA SCHMIVIA: MA LUNA O KA PU’U

In 122nd place with   9130 points is FLUSH ‘EM DANNO: SHAVE THE TOILET

In 121st place with    9185 points is SPARKY’S DEAD

In 120th place with    9245 points is CORPSEBIN 5-0: KE KINO KUPAPAU ELIMA

In 119th place with    9275 points is PIRATES OF SUBURBIA-BACON RHAPSODY

In 118th place with    9295 points is POWER SUPPLY-A NEW BEGINNING AT NANA’S

In 117th place with    9375 points is WII WILL NEVER GET LEI’D

In 116th place with    9380 points is TRUST BUT VERIFY: THE USC CREW TEAM

In 115th place with    9395 points is THE DHARMA INITIATIVE: SWAN STATION

In 114th place with    9440 points is HERE, HOLD MY BEER, WATCH THIS!

In 113th place with    9455 points is NED’S HULAS FOR HIRE

In 112th place with    9460 points is POLISH LAW FIRM: CASE CLOSED

In 111th place with    9470 points is TRIVIA SQUIDS BOOK ‘EM SPAMMO!

In 110th place with    9490 points is UWSP: UNDERWEAR WITH SPECIAL POWERS

In 108th place with    9540 points is FRIENDS OF BOBROSSTREISAND


In 107th place with    9555 points is SAMMY’S EYE ‘N NEEBINS

In 106th place with    9585 points is THOUGHT POLICE – DON’T SCROLL BY…

In 105th place with    9595 points is SIEVE

In 104th place with    9600 points is EIGHTEQUALSEQUALSEQUALSDEETILDETILDE

In 103rd place with    9605 points is HONEY, I SHRUNK THEIR MINDS!

In 102nd place with   9620 points is BROTH: BEAST REBELS OF THE HELLSCAPE

In 101st place with    9680 points is ORGANUM ORGIA – SUSPENDISSE DECEM

In 100th place with    9720 points is LITTLE SHOP OF HORSHACKS

In 99th place with      9785 points is DRIFTERS IN THE LOONEY BIN

In 98th place with      9800 points is DARTH VADER’S LUNCHBOX: EPISODE 156

In 97th place with      9835 points is SNORTING RAINBOWS LANDS YOU IN PRISM

In 94th place with      9845 points is MY MIND IS A DRY INKWELL



In 93rd place with      9855 points is KILLER BEEZ: SURF’S UP STINGER OUT

In 92nd place with     9940 points is MINUTIA MILITIA

In 91st place with      10,000 points is WE GOT DRUGS WE DON’T NEED UNDERWEAR

In 90th place with      10,190 points is BPLS: BOHEMIAN SHEEPSODY

In 89th place with      10,210 points is ‘O SYLVESTER ‘OKENA POKOLE GULA

In 88th place with      10,245 points is ROYAL ORDER OF TARBOOSH

In 87th place with      10,270 points is THE POOPSMITHS: TOTAL WIPE OUT

In 86th place with      10,275 points is BEERB!

In 85th place with      10,280 points is THE PICKLES: GOOGLE ‘EM, DANNO

In 84th place with      10,380 points is THREAT LEVEL MIDNITE: WE GO 50YR OLDS

In 82nd place with     10,385 points is BBT17: PORTESI IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL


In 81st place with      10,470 points is WHAT IT IS! BOOK ‘EM, MATTO!

In 79th place with      10,480 points is FOSSIL FUEL: WE GO 4 A WINNER, BOSS


In 78th place with      10,490 points is ALL OF US NUTS ARE HANGIN’ LOOSE

In 77th place with      10,545 points is THE OTHER PACK: WE MISS YOU TOM

In 76th place with      10,595 points is LARRY & VINCE’S DRIVING ACADEMY

In 75th place with      10,625 points is SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING

In 74th place with      10,650 points is SIX FEET UNDER

In 73rd place with      10,690 points is SAME TIME NEXT YEAR

In 72nd place with     10,720 points is UNPAINTED HUFFHINES

In 71st place with      10,730 points is TRUCKERMAN DOING THE THINGS A PARTICLE CAN

In 70th place with      10,755 points is DON & DOLLY’S ANIMAL HOUSE

In 69th place with      10,760 points is SCHOLARS OF GALLIFFREY

In 68th place with      10,765 points is MIDNIGHT MADNESS: THIS ONE’S FOR CHRIS

In 67th place with      10,790 points is BROWNSTAR FILES 5-0 OZ’S HONEYHOLE

In 66th place with      10,795 points is 4 BKS: EM DANNO TRIVIA 5-OUTSIDERS

In 65th place with      10,840 points is SHIPOOPI ON RICE

In 64th place with      10,890 points is MELE KALIKAMAKAIN OUR KITSHNICKERS

In 63rd place with      10,895 points is HAPPY SCRAPPY HERO PUP

In 62nd place with     11,005 points is MAGNUM’S PEE EYE: THE FRANZIA STREAM

In 61st place with      11,090 points is RANDOM SAMPLE: 50% CONFIDENCE

In 60th place with      11,160 points is MUCK WHOSE DOG WAS OSHKOSH?

In 59th place with      11,170 points is 90FMSI: BUTTHOLE SURFERS

In 58th place with      11,195 points is ZIM’S SLOPPY TROTTERS

In 57th place with      11,260 points is PROFOUND CONFUSION

In 56th place with      11,350 points is BUGEATERS: SWAT’M, DANNO

In 55th place with      11,360 points is RIGAMORTIS TORTOISE: COWABUNGA DUDE!

In 54th place with      11,375 points is KHIRO KO: TIME TO BOOK ‘EM DANNO!

In 53rd place with      11,500 points is BEER AND COMPANY: BOOK ‘EM, BEERCO!

In 52nd place with     11,525 points is NORWIGAN LOONERY: 25 YEARS, NO NOTES

In 51st place with      11,645 points is SUBSTATION

In 50th place with      11,650 points is KEYSTONE KOPS-BEST ENJOYED UNPLUGGED

In 49th place with      11,875 points is DYSLEXICS: DOOK ‘EM, BANNO

In 48th place with      11,980 points is H.O.H.: 35 YEARS OF GETTING LEI’D

In 47th place with      12,040 points is NIGHTMARE SQUAD

In 46th place with      12,080 points is SOCKS: 50 WAYS TO LEAVE YOU SMARTER

In 45th place with      12,095 points is WAKE UP AND GO TO SLEEP

In 44th place with      12,180 points is FREAKS! FREAKS! FREAKS!

In 43rd place with      12,200 points is TDSTR: SHOW US YOUR 5-OH! FACE

In 42nd place with     12,320 points is THE MIDDLE URINAL SMELLS LIKE PEACHES

In 41st place with      12,475 points is GRECIAN FORMULA: THE BIG KAHUNA

In 40th place with      12,510 points is SKIPPY’S MONKEY SPANKERS!

In 39th place with      12,635 points is DEAD GIRLS DON’T SAY “KNOW”

In 38th place with      12,790 points is THE RAGING TYRANNOSAURUS OF DESPAIR

In 37th place with      12,965 points is GOOD NIGHT IRENE

In 36th place with      12,970 points is SPERMOLOGIST: DUDE KAMANAWANALAYA

In 35th place with      13,060 points is VILLAGE IDIOTS SQWEEEEEES NUDE DANCERS!

In 34th place with      13,130 points is HELP WANTED: BABY SHARKNADO

In 33rd place with      13,180 points is THE BONGWATER CRETINS FROM HELL

In 32nd place with     13,185 points is PARFAITS

In 31st place with      13,465 points is THE CHOIRBOYS

In 30th place with      13,565 points is WHATSAMATTA U: KAMON – IWANNA LEIYA

In 29th place with      13,695 points is NEVER TRUST A BABY WITH A MUSTACHE

In 28th place with      13,735 points is LATE NIGHT WITH BOB KEESHAN

In 27th place with      13,740 points is ROLY POLY FISHHEADS

In 26th place with      13,780 points is GENE AUTRY’S NINJA WARRIORS

In 25th place with      13,820 points is MUTATED MEMBERS

In 24th place with      13,910 points is U BET YOUR SWEET OZ!

In 23rd place with      14,000 points is 7 LORDSALAYING-AUNT BECKY LUBS TROJANS

In 22nd place with     14,070 points is AH BIN HYP-MO-TIZED!!!

In 21st place with      14,165 points is 5-OH! 5-OH! IT’S OFF TO YAARCH! WE GO

In 20th place with      14,295 points is ASTRO WOLFPACK

In 19th place with      14,330 points is BEERPIGGIAN RHAPSODY

In 18th place with      14,550 points is WRTM: TRIVIA 4-1! BOOK ‘EM, MANIACS

In 17th place with      14,675 points is THE FRENCH CONNECTION

In 16th place with      14,750 points is ASSUME THE POSITION

In 15th place with      15,025 points is FRANKLIN STREET BURNOUTS

In 14th place with      15,115 points is TACO 5-0: NACHO PROBLEM

In 13th place with      15,440 points is GRADUATES OF A SURFIN’ GOD

In 12th place with      15,600 points is HUI MA LALO O KA HALE

In 11th place with      15,945 points is TIN MAN

In 10th place with      15,985 points is COLLECTIVE FOOLE

In 9th place with        16.095 points is WHOOPS! I’M A CAKER!

In 8th place with        16,350 points is FRESHLY SQUEEZED

In 7th place with        16,665 points is UGLY UNDULATING UVULAS

In 6th place with        17,105 points is NETWORK

In 5th place with        17,540 points is KNIGHTS OF NEEK

In 4th place with        17,645 points is LACTATION NATION: SUCK ‘M, DANNO!

In 3rd place with        18,640 points is TRIVIAL FURSUIT 9: HOWLIN’ HAOELES

In 2nd place with       19,455 points is DAD’S COMPUTERS

In 1st place with        19,760 points is FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US